Canada Next

For those who thought we were just getting married and settling down, you couldn’t be more wrong! For around the past year now we have been asked the same question many times on our travels; “what’s next?” to which we have replied “Canada next” every time (the clue was in the title)! Although we did not necessarily want to leave,… Read more →

World Footpath Wed

We cannot believe that we have been in England now for three months already, time really does fly, but saying that we have packed quite a bit in. This post is a bit late coming but we wanted to get up to date so that we can focus on the next adventure (details of that soon). When we landed in… Read more →

Common Misconceptions About Australia

We have spent two years living and working in Australia, immersing ourselves amongst the culture, landscape and people. Some things we have experienced here have been completely different to our expectations. Here are some points which demonstrate just that: It’s ALWAYS hot and sunny When we were packing our bags for Australia they consisted mainly of shorts and t-shirts, you… Read more →

Pets in Paradise

Anyone who knows us or follows our footpath would know how passionate we are about the natural world and all creatures great and small. This doesn’t just centre itself around wildlife, we are just as passionate about domesticated animals too. This is why we make house sitting a big part of how we travel. Not only do we provide a… Read more →

North East Queensland

Leaving our Easter retreat at Bonadio Camp Site in Atherton Tableland we went to check out the nearby Dairy, Gallo Dairy/Cheesery. You probably know by now that we love all things cheese, but it smelled like cow poo and the place was packed. This didn’t really tantalise our taste buds so we didn’t stay for too long. We headed through… Read more →

Appreciating Two years of Travel

It seems like only yesterday we were sitting by a cosy fire in Tasmania celebrating a whole year of travel. Zoom forwards another 365 days and here we are reflecting now on two years of travel! A lot can happen in two years and we have been travelling pretty full on to say the least. We often get told by… Read more →

Cutting In From The Coast

Still recovering from the bout of shingles the week started with a well needed challenge. Wallaman falls. It was a hot and humid day as we booted up for the 4km ruturn walk through thick, steep rainforest. It was a well shaded walk down but this didn’t have much effect on the beads of sweat cascading from our brows. At… Read more →

Assessing The Damage 

Waking up at a roadside stop on our way up to the more Northern reaches of Australia we thought it was about time that we assess the damage. This applies to both tropical cyclone Debbie, and to Adam’s ailments. For the latter, to cut a long and rather boring story short, Adam went to see two doctors, the first gave… Read more →

Noosa Hinterland & Dodging Debbie

The name on everyone’s lips this week was Debbie. Tropical Cyclone Debbie struck with force and hung around much longer than a bat with a hangover. For a weather system larger than the British Isles we were shocked to hear that no-body from England who we spoke to had heard about it! After what was a fantastic weekend in Hervey… Read more →

Forster to Hervey Bay

We first arrived in Australia in May 2015 beginning our journey with Fred the trusty Toyota Townace in Sydney and headed Northwards up the East Coast. We explored a little, beach bummed a little and searched for a job. We got as far as Rockhampton, about half way up through Queensland before we bagged ourselves a job picking citrus fruit… Read more →